Friday, December 9, 2011

Cha-cha-cha-changes! And a recap

The title reflects my theme song for the next, let's say 14 months of our lives. Some are exciting, and some are completely unknown as of yet. I'll post more about those as they happen because I am trying not to stress over details and give God control of our future. The most exciting thing is that Kyle will be home in a week for good!

After looking over friend's blogs, I'm really sad at how few pictures I have taken of our first year and a half of marriage. They are few and far between. Heaven forbid I actually post any of them to my blog!  So here is a quick recap with the photos I've got:

Our first apartment's living room before we moved in
 Our decorated bathroom (with zero counter space, so I thought!)
Our cute little ice cream table from Kyle's grandparents!
Our living room, in the midst of thank you note writing
Our massive amount of dishes after our dishwasher disaster. Our dishwasher basically caught on fire and all of our dishes smelled like really yucky, stinky smoke. We were just thankful our apartment didn't burn down!
The culprit of the dishwasher disaster.
My massive organizing project last year. I organized every pill bottle in the entire pharmacy from alphabetical by brand name to alphabetical by generic name. It took me 24+ hours in two days, so needless to say, I'm proud!
Our first Christmas tree, a generous gift from my grandparent's neighbors.
Christmas Day 2010: I love this picture of us.
New shorter haircut- looks nothing like this now!
Purdue basketball season tickets- most of our entertainment budget for the year!
Marsh triple coupon haul, because who doesn't love a great deal?
Camping at Brown County on Memorial Day: This was my first time EVER planning a camping trip. We had so much fun! It's one of our favorite outdoor activities now!

Wesley's graduation! We are so proud of him!
Goodbye to our old apartment: July 2011
Here are a few things not pictured, but certainly memorable:
-Wedding and honeymoon (deserve their own post!)
-Our interesting neighbors with probation officers =)
-Tough times with family illnesses, including losing Kyle's grandpa, Poppy in October 2010
-New Years fun with church friends!
-A fabulous small group Bible study (and fitting 18+ people in our one bedroom apartment)
-Car issues
-CSC Rootbeer Kegger!
-Our experience with a sewer rat (eek!)

I'll post a recap of more recent photos tomorrow! You'll have to check out the Extreme Makeover: CSC Edition we carried out this summer!

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