Sunday, October 9, 2011

Learning to FLY

Change has been a huge part of my (our) life the last few months...moving, new schooling, changes in work, etc.  Fast forward a few months to our new, cluttered, dusty, *ahem* less than spotless or organized apartment, and I realized something had to change.  I heard someone mention a website called Flylady on a different blog. They said she had great checklists for cleaning. I'm a list maker, so it sounded great to me. It truly was an underestimate of what Flylady really is ( It's a method of managing a household in the minimum time possible, so you can enjoy other things in your life. Imagine my surprise when the first step was not to make a big to do list or to tackle an all-day house cleaning.  Instead, she implored me to shine my sink- one little task I could quickly complete to help me realize how much I've missed that order and routine in my life. So I did:
The results of some serious TLC with Comet and elbow grease.

Shiny, sparkly, beautiful, and rewarding

Now I'm sure you're thinking, "So what? Who cares if your sink is clean?" Well my friends, my sink is so shiny and perfect that I don't want to leave a single dish in it.  I give it a quick wipe-down every night. And it's carried over to other things! You better believe my bathroom sink is sparkling too! Little by little I'm tackling my household clutter and developing good routines to keep me sane. Corny? Yep. Rewarding? You betcha! I've rediscovered the simple pleasure of making a house a home and being a blessing to others through hospitality...all because of my shiny sink =)

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